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Doing Better with Beth Clare

Apr 9, 2023

Hiiii guys


I am beyond excited for this episode, I was joined by the absolute legend and Queen Lele Brown. I met Lele via social media, she has actually been such a loyal podcast supporter since I started the show! So I was so excited to sit down with her and have this conversation.


I am so grateful to had met her in person at Bret Contreras’s StrongLifting comp in Fort Lauderdale!


Lele is not only such a strong queen, she radiates such good energy and is making some serious moves with her career in the Fitness Industry! Along making some serious self growth!


We chat a lot about breaking down limiting beliefs, mental health, prioritising herself and energy, and how she has been able to improve her confidence to start going for things she wants to achieve in life!


Love this girl so much! Enjoy this one!


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