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Doing Better with Beth Clare

Jun 30, 2021

Hey team this is a solo episode I cover some of your questions in detail when it comes to fatloss! Some including why your glutes appear smaller when dropping body fat, Can you build muscle when in a deficit, Why you may have seen a stall in your fatness journey, and loads more!! This is a good one!!

Jun 23, 2021

Hey team in this episode I am joined by the absolute boss and queen Amanda Sykes, who is a health and fitness coach from Spain. Amanda has so much knowledge, wisdom and experience when it comes to fitness, she shares with us some of the struggles she experienced first getting into fitness and falling into the trap...

Jun 17, 2021

Hey team! In this episode I discuss my personal experience dealing and recovering with HA. I talk about how challenging it can be for your mindset and mental health and some tips to improve your mindset during the recovery process! I also answer some random Q&A that you guys sent through! Check out ep 7 of season 1...

Jun 1, 2021

Hey Team in this episode I am joined by the legend Chris Duncan who is a fellow personal trainer with a very similar approach and motive to me when it comes to coaching. Chris and I chat about life, how less can be more with all aspects of life, self care, the importance of slowing down, tips to feel less overwhelmed...