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Doing Better with Beth Clare

Feb 16, 2020

In this episode I am joined by the lovely and very Knowledgeable Dr. Nicola Rinaldi, who has a PHD in computational biology, she Specialises in HA and female fertility, and is the author of the book  No period now what. We discuss all things HA related, and I also share a bit about my personal experience with it! 
  1. What is HA

  2. What causes HA.

  3. Difference between HA and PCOS. and why it is commonly misdiagnosed.

  4. Tips for road to recovery for HA.

  5. How mindset and self body image issues can lead to neglecting overcoming HA.

  6. How weight training/ training intensity can affect those who suffer from HA.

  7. Does the macro breakdowns play a role in HA, or would you say overall calorie intake matters most.

  8. Long term health risks associated with not overcoming or addressing HA. 

  9. Overcoming mental breakthroughs to regain a healthy health status.


    I hope you guys learnt a lot during this episode!


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