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Doing Better with Beth Clare

Dec 13, 2022

Hey team, here are 3 of my fave strategies you can do to help improve yoir daily habits and behaviours in 2023! So you are able to take action on goals you want to work towards, and have all the success at achieving them!


Train with me and the team:

Dec 8, 2022

Hey team, bit of a life update epsiode as it's been a minute! Going through a bit of a phase atm, in bali I was able to do a lot of self reflection and really be honest with myself where I want to be going! So sharing my journey with you lot, and hope you can take something home from it!



Oct 4, 2022

Great chats on this episode I did with my good friend Kimmy Byrne.

We share a very similar perspective to health and fitness, after having a similar experiences through competing, and struggles of work/life balance from running busy businesses!

I really appreciate Kimmy's realness and perspective on the topics we...

Sep 2, 2022

Hey team!

Bret joins me again this week to explain what the rule of thirds are and how to implement them into your training!

If you want to grow a well rounded booty, then you are going to want to utilze Bret's Rule of thirds! For me implementing the rule of thirds into my training was probably the biggest game...

Aug 26, 2022

Hii team! Episode one of mine and Bret's mini series where we will be debunking a lot of common glute training myths that are going around nowaday's!

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