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Doing Better with Beth Clare

Mar 31, 2022

Hi team this weeks mini episode Cas and I answer some of your training related questions!


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Mar 28, 2022

Hi Team in this episode we are joined by the absolute legend Aidan Muir who is an Accredited Sports Dietitian! In this epsiode we chat about Insulin resistance, what is it, and how to reverse it in a sustainable way! I hope this helps!

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Mar 23, 2022

Hi team, this mini EP I give you guys some of my personal tips to overcome feelings of anxiousness and overwhelm! I hope you find this helpful!


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Mar 17, 2022

Hi team! In this epsiode I am joined by the absolute legend Bret Contreras! We just have a good chat about the postives that come from women working towards strength related goals, work ethic, being a good person and advice for new PT's trying to make it in the industry!

Previous episodes I have done with Bret:


Mar 15, 2022

Hey team this is the first mini episode! I plan on doing 1 mini episode weekly! Today's chat I talk about start owning what you want out of your life!! I hope this episode inspires you!

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