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Doing Better with Beth Clare

Feb 14, 2023

Hey Team

Super excited for you guys to listen to this episode with Ashlee Day. Ash is a qualified makeup artist, tiktoker, and absolute legend! Ash is dominating on tiktok and social media, but has climbed up the ladder and worked so hard to be where she currently is at with her career, and she has so much ahead of her!

We dive into how Ash got into makeup, and how she got started on tiktok, as well as how she has been able to continue to grow her following.

But we also dive into the struggles Ash has had, as she has had to adapt to her new lifestyle and work responsibilities.

We talk about confidence, and how Ash is able to show up authentically herself online with confidence, she also gives her advice on how to build confidence!

You guys are going to love this episode! Enjoy! x 


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